Asperia: 14 Days

Common Sense (or is it?)

Day 1
After a long day of working the farm I joined my cousin Jack and our friends at the “Six Dryads” for an evening of cards and lies. Before nightfall a group of strangers entered the tavern: a large man in plate armor, a priest of Dilliongar, a seedy looking fellow, a beautiful elven woman and a dwarf. I’d never seen anyone as pretty as the elf maid – not even Frieda of Hallow’s Bluff, who’s quite the beauty indeed. I kept surreptitiously stealing glances at her.

After an hour or so, Mistress Analyn came into the “Dryads” with a worried look on her face: she’d not seen her boys, Fionn and Garrick since lunchtime. Snow approached the adventurers and asked if they’d seen two young boys matching their description, but said they had not. Axelrod mentioned he’d seen them not two hours past. As Mistress Analyn was so worried we volunteered to look for them, as did the adventurers (uncle Xavier was too drunk to do anything)

We grabbed some torches and Snow led the search as he is a pretty good tracker. After about an hour or so, we noticed something weird about the tracks – there were the tracks of the boys that kept going, but a third set of child sized tracks appearing out of nowhere led in another direction. The adventurers seemed disturbed by this and said they were going after “her” and would explain why in the morning.

We continued on our way and came upon a deer that did not run off when we approached, instead it raised its head and blood was dripping from its mouth – I screamed and RAN! The others killed it, whilst I nearly tripped over Fionn’s body. I was about to pick up the child’s body and he BIT ME! I coulda sworn he was dead, but he bit me nonetheless, tearing a large chunk of my flesh. And he bit me again – I had no choice, I had to defend myself. And I killed him. Or so I thought, he and the dear came back to un-life I guess you’d call it. We managed to return back home with Fionn’s body, taking him to aunt Mira’s. While the lads waited, I ran and got aunt Mira from the “Dryads.” But even she was not able to lay Fionn to rest. Aunt Mira bade us rest and on the morrow go to the Sisters of the Morning Sun.

Day 2
We made our way to the convent, and there I met and angel: Farra of the golden tresses and the most delightful azure eyes. A new sister at the convent, with a most agile mind. I did manage to get to know her a little bit better before our audience with Mother Jenneesa – who denied us any assistance whatsoever. But were invited for lunch. We stayed for lunch and afterwards I was well on my way to get to know Farra when my idiot cousin got us kicked out by sneaking around doing the gods knows what.

On our way home, Edger was going to eat some of the stew he’d saved from lunch – but Jack-hole stopped, saying it was poisoned. Whatever, right? Turns out my cretin cousin wasn’t all wrong, the meat in the stew was actually gangrenous. Yuck!

So back we went. We were greeted by the most alluring Farra. We let her know about the meat and I managed to convince her to let me speak with Mother Jenneesa. This time I the urgency of the situation upon the Abbess and she did offer up her prayers and then had Sister Farra give me a wooden case, in which there is a scroll case. In the case are a scroll that has a prayer to protect us from evil and one to restore stolen life force (protection from evil & lesser restoration).

On the way out I come across Axelrod and one of the sisters going to the kitchen. I follow just in time to see the sister remove the lid from the stewpot and this pus-like, foul-smelling substance come boiling out of the pot and I did what any self-respecting farmboy would – I threw up my lunch…



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