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What is “14 Days”…?

14 Days is a “mini-campaign” set in the world of Asperia, concurrent with the War of the Gods campaigns, though an independent storyline. While the War of the Gods and Legacy campaigns focus on epic evils revisiting the world, the 14 Days campaign is designed for a much smaller scale, although no less intense adventure, focusing darker themes within a small region over a period of fourteen days.

Starting Character Creation: Character creation for 14 Days will follow a slightly different model than previous Asperia campaigns.

  • Ability Scores: Character will us the Purchase method for ability scores as described in the Core Rulebook. All ability scores will start at a base of 10. Characters will have 15 points to distribute amongst their abilities. Table 1-1 of the Core Rulebook describes the point/value and costs.
  • Available Races: Due to setting and storyline restrictions, only the following races are available for play:
    • Dwarf (Limit 1)
    • Halfling (Limit 1)
    • Human (Any)
  • Starting Classes: Only following classes, as described in the Core Rulebook are available. Each character may selected a trait from the Advanced Player’s Guide as described below:
    • Adept (May select 1 Faith trait, as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide)
    • Aristocrat (May select 1 Social or Magic trait, as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide)
    • Commoner (May select any 2 traits, as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide)
    • Expert (May select 1 Combat or Social trait, as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide)
    • Warrior (May select 1 Combat trait, as described in the Advanced Player’s Guide)

Character Advancement: Upon gaining enough expereince to reach Character (1st) level, the character may select any standard class (listed in either the Core Rulebook or the Advanced Player’s Guide) they qualify for. The benefits of the starting class are retained as the character becomes a 1st level PC. The characters may also select 1 additional trait at 1st level.

Experience Tracker: Experience will be post on the XP Tracker following each session. The page will focus on the positive and show adventure and role playing bonuses for character. The rewards listed here are in addition to any experience points rewarded during a gaming session. If XP listed is enough to raise a character a level, the GM must be contacted (if not in session) before the level can be applied to discuss the new level gained by the character.

  • Suggested Reading:
    • Book of Vile Darkness – Wizards of the Coast

Asperia is a world that has been in development for years, from 1st edition through 3.5. With the release of 4th edition, Asperia has been migrated to the Pathfinder core rules, henceforth referred to as the Core Rulebook, to maintain its roots and style of play and not be a video game on paper.

Asperia: 14 Days

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